Our Heritage continued . . .

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In 1978, the church purchased four acres of ground at Kimball Ave and Seth Childs Blvd to build on in the future.


Pastor Ron Scarlett (1977-1980) recalled,

“During our ministry there you purchased the land where you now worship. That was such a miracle. First Christian church owned the property.  It was given to them for the purpose of building a church so they had to sell the property to a church. We had an inside track because Berris Gregg, who attended our church, was the secretary at their church. When Berris came to me and told me about the property, we called a church board meeting and the board voted to buy the property if we could raise the down payment in 30 days. The first Sunday after the board met we shared the vision with the church family. That Sunday morning with what we had already saved and the money that came in, we had $1,500.  We had a great start. That Sunday evening Mrs. S______, whose husband owned the auto parts store in town, came up to me and handed me an envelope and said, ‘My husband ask me to give this to you.’ I had visited with him at their home and had shared with them that we needed to relocate. He only came to church Christmas and  Easter. I opened the envelope before the service, I knew there just had to be a check, and sure enough there was a check for $2,000. The first Sunday we went over our goal. We knew that it was God’s will for us to purchase the property. Berris had said that we really needed to know before thirty days because there were several churches that wanted to purchase the property. Well God also knew that! “


A ground breaking service was held at the new church site, our current location, on September 9, 1990, and construction began in November. The church was completed in June of 1991 and a dedication service was held in October, 1991. The new building was paid off in 2003 several years ahead of schedule.


In November 2007 we added a Children & Family Pastor to help meet the needs in that area.  In June of 2009 we added a Youth Pastor to specifically minister to our teens. As a church, we have appreciated all our district superintendents and pastors these 80 years.  We also deeply appreciate our college students and military personnel, both present and past.


     As the years rolled by, God worked with our lay folk as they prayed and believed and today many past congregational members are serving God across America and in foreign lands that came through the doors of our church.


     May God bless the memory of our friends and loved ones who have gone to their eternal rest.  They have made the landing sure.  Only time and eternity will reveal the many who have found hope and rest in God’s saving grace these 80 years.