Hey! Pastor Jesse here. Thank you so much for stopping by and considering trusting us to teach and minister to your family. It’s a privilege that I don’t take lightly! At MCNKids, we place a high emphasis on making sure everyone feels like they’re a part of the family. We do this by creating a safe & fun environment where kids learn about the love Jesus has for them and are equipped to become holy people of God today as well as in the future. We believe that Jesus has a great plan for children and that He is inviting them to be a part of His kingdom even at the youngest of ages, so here are a few ways that we try our best to make that happen!

MCN Kids

Every Sunday morning and Wednesday night, we get together and learn the Word of God while having fun! Our biggest goal is to equip kids with a knowledge of the Bible and with relationships with peers and adults that will help them grow into people that love God and the people around them!


MCN Littles

Even the little ones have a place here! We don’t think of our nursery as just “babysitting”, but an opportunity to show even the youngest child that God loves them and to teach them the Bible.

 Bible Quizzing

For kids looking for a deep dive into what God’s word says, we have Bible Quizzing. We meet twice weekly and spend a year studying and memorizing one book of the Bible. Then we get together once a month with other churches around Kansas for a friendly competition and a chance to show what we’ve all learned. We will be studying the book of Genesis for the 2019-2020 school year.

VBS & Church Camp

We have big events all throughout the year (check out our calendar for some that are upcoming), but some of the best are Vacation Bible School and Church Camp in the Summer! This year, both events encouraged kids to Power Up! with a curriculum from Orange Ministries based off of 2 Peter 1:3: “God’s power has given us everything we need to live a godly life.” (NIrV)


Bus Ministry

The Church van is available to pick up & drop off children & families at their homes every Sunday and Wednesday. We want you here, whatever it takes!
If the bus would be helpful for you & your family, contact Pastor Jesse and get signed up!
All of our children’s department volunteers are screened and trained by Nazarene Safe, our denomination’s worldwide organization developed to create safe ministry environments & practices to protect minors.