I am glad that you stopped by to check out our ministries and what is happening at MCN. When I go to a website I do so to find something out about a business or organization. I do hope you find the information you are looking for, but more than that I hope you begin to discover who we are and why we do what we do.

We are who we are, and we do what we do because we have experienced the radical love of Jesus. Before we did anything for him, Jesus demonstrated his love for us through his life and death on a cross; that is radical!

I hope you become involved in one or more of our ministries. If you do, you will discover that love is behind everything we do.

-Pastor Jay Bessmer


 Adult Ministry


Our church is a friendly and helpful place for men and women to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. We provide Bible Studies and social activities where you can explore your faith and create deep relationships in a loving environment. 

 Students & Kids   


Whether they are in high school or the nursery, we make it our priority to create safe environments where kids can study the Bible, learn to engage with Jesus Christ, and know that they are loved by their peers and their teachers.

 Family Worship


We believe that it is important that families worship God together. So, every Sunday, we come together as families to sing and pray together to worship God. Children are dismissed during the message to hear about Jesus in an age-appropriate way.