Church Staff

Lead Pastor
-Steve Myers-
Steve has been serving at MCN since January 2013.  He and his wife have a deep desire to share the love of Christ with all who celebrate our faith and worship at MCN.
Children’s Pastor
-Jesse campbell-
 Jesse has been serving at MCN since August 2017.  He has a passion for equipping kids with the knowledge and support that they need to live passionate lives for Jesus, to make Godly choices, and to love the people around them.
Pastor of Sparrow Ministries
-Scott Nading-
Scott has been serving at MCN since May 2014. His ministry is driven by the statement, “Love God. Love people.” The goal is getting people to realize they are loved and have been chosen by God for something great.
Administrative Assistant
-June Klotz-
June has served at MCN since 2007.  She enjoys serving the pastors and her church family.  She also enjoys teaching Sunday school and volunteering in children’s ministries.
Kingdom Kids
Children’s Pastor
-Linda Johnson-
 Linda began serving at MCN in November 2007.  She served as children’s pastor at MCN until August 2017 when she began serving as children’s pastor to Kingdom Kids childcare Center.